Plastic Manufacturing Company

At factoplastica – Plastic Manufacturing Company in Greece – we specialize in the manufacture of Plastic Caps for Tubes or Pipes of any shape, such as Round, Square and Rectangular, but also for any other construction that contains holes that need to be closed by a Plastic Insert, such as Water Heaters, Doors, Bookcases, Shelves and other.

We still manufacture various kinds of Plastic Feet that are perfectly applicable to Desks, Chairs, Furniture, Garden Furniture, Patio Furniture, Deckchairs, Walking Sticks and also to industrial constructions such as Dexion Shelves.

In our Products you will find Regulators and Clamps with built-in screws, for any construction that needs a screw application, such as Adjustable Legs for Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Tables, Beds and others.

Plastic Manufacturing Company Greece – Wide range of Casters

We also have a wide range of Casters that are used from Office Armchairs to Pot Holders, as well as Wheels in various sizes for every need in any construction such as Carts, Grills and more.

We manufacture Plastic Washers, which apply to any structure that needs protection and distance between its parts. Indicative examples are Radiators, Drying Racks, Floor Lights & Lamps and others.

We have Stoppers that are used in many applications such as Doors, Windows, Shutters, which can also be used as Anti-Slip Desk Feet and more.

We produce Plastic Handles for various tools or accessories such as Walking Sticks, Grill Spits and anything else that needs a handle.

Finally, you will find Various Plastic Components that will serve you in your constructions and give Added Value to your product. Indicatively, you will find Pencil Holders for Office Drawers in two sizes, Plastic Protective Case for Bunkie Boards, Suction Cup and more.

The Materials we use are Polyethylene PE, Polyvinyl Chloride PVC, Polypropylene PP, Nylon depending on the type of Product. All in accordance with the requirements of the European Union for Recycled Material, without compromising our Quality.

In detail, in our Wide Range of Products you will find:

We have Round End Tube Inserts in various sizes.
For Tubes or Pipes or Holes with a diameter of Ø 60 mm to Ø 14 mm.

We have Round Plastic End Tube Externals in various sizes.
For Tubes or Pipes or Holes with a diameter of Ø 33 mm to Ø 6 mm.

  • Square Plastic End Tube Inserts – Plastic End Caps & Plugs

We have Square Plastic End Tube Inserts in various sizes.
For Pipes or Side Holes from 100 x 100 mm to 14 x 14 mm.

We have Square Plastic End Tube Inserts in various sizes.
For Pipes or Side Holes from 100 x 20 mm to 20 x 10 mm.

We have Square Plastic End Tube Inserts in various sizes.
For Pipes or Side Holes from 43 x 20 mm to 25 x 13 mm.

  • Adjustable Glides – Regulators & Clamps

We have a wide variety of Screws (M10, M8, M6 and 5/16” ) with an applied Plastic Handle for constructions that need their parts to be tightened or Screws with Plastic Feet for Adjusting the Height (and alignment) of any construction.

  • Casters & Pins

We have Wheels in three sizes, Small – Medium – Large, which can be accompanied by the appropriate Screw (M10, 3/8″, 5/16″ ) or a Kanelaz Pin or Tile Pin, depending on the application.

  • Plastic – Castor wheels

We have Wheels in various sizes and colors, for every construction that has movement.

  • Plastic Washers

We manufacture Plastic Washers in two sizes, 50 mm and 100 mm of thickness, with internal holes of 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 9 mm in straight or crescent shape.

  • Table Leg Stoppers & Footings

We have Stoppers for Windows and Doors in three basic colors, as well as PVC Feet with an anti-slip effect.

  • Dexion Plastic Footings

We have Dexion Shelves Corner Feet in three sizes.

  • 35 x 35 mm – Symmetrical Corner Foot for Dexion Shelves
  • 55 x 35 mm – Right Corner Foot for Dexion Shelves
  • 35 x 55 mm – Left Corner Foot for Dexion Shelves
  • Handles Plastic Furniture

We have Plastic Handles for all constructions that need a handle, in various sizes.

  • Miscellaneous Accessories

We have a wide range of plastic items and accessories.

Indicatively, you will find:

  • Pencil Holders for Office Drawers in two sizes
  • Plastic Protective Cases for Bunkie Boards
  • Suction Cups
  • Beach Umbrella Runners
  • Buckles for baby carriages