Butterfly Screw Nut



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PS – Polystyrene


Screw Nut 3/16

Product Description:

Black Polystyrene (PS) Butterfly Screw Nut

COLOR: Black

MATERIAL: PS – Polystyrene

DIMENSIONS: Screw Nut 3/16

Introducing the Black Polystyrene (PS) Butterfly Screw Nut, a versatile and practical fastening solution for a wide range of applications. This butterfly screw nut is designed for convenience, crafted from high-quality Polystyrene (PS), and is ideal for various needs. Here are some key features of this product:

Key Features:

  • Color: The butterfly screw nut features a sleek black finish, adding a touch of style and versatility to your fastening requirements.
  • Material: Crafted from Polystyrene (PS), this nut offers both lightweight and durable qualities, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Dimensions: Designed for Screw Nut 3/16, this butterfly nut is perfectly sized for your specific fastening needs.

The Black Polystyrene (PS) Butterfly Screw Nut is a reliable choice for a multitude of purposes. Whether you need it for woodworking, DIY projects, or other applications, it provides ease of use and a clean, stylish appearance. Its black color and Polystyrene construction make it a valuable addition to your toolkit, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics.