Plastic Washer – Half 5 mm



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PE – Polyethylene


5 mm

The Black Plastic Washer – Half, with a thickness of 5 mm and constructed from PE (Polyethylene) material, is a specific and useful component for various applications. Let’s explore its key characteristics:

Color and Aesthetic: The black color of the Plastic Washer – Half offers a practical and neutral appearance. This color choice is often preferred when you want a washer that blends in seamlessly with the overall design of equipment or structures.

Material and Durability: Polyethylene (PE) is a suitable material for washers, providing good resistance to moisture and temperature variations. In applications where exposure to water, temperature fluctuations, or environmental conditions is common, PE’s properties can help ensure the washer’s long-lasting performance.

Dimensions: The washer has a thickness of 5 mm, which is a standard and commonly used size for washers. This specific dimension is ideal for various applications where a 5 mm thick washer is needed.

In summary, the 5 mm Black Plastic Washer – Half, made from Polyethylene, is a practical and versatile component suitable for a range of applications. Its neutral black color, along with its durable material properties, makes it a dependable choice for equipment or structures where washers are used for fastening, spacing, or load distribution purposes.