Window Stopper



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PE – Polyethylene

The corresponding screw is also included in the package.

Here are the key features of this window stopper:

Color and Aesthetic: The black color of the Window Stopper provides a practical and neutral appearance. This color choice is often preferred when you want a stopper that seamlessly blends with the overall design of windows, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons.

Material and Durability: Polyethylene (PE) is a suitable material for window stoppers, offering good resistance to moisture, environmental conditions, and temperature variations. In window applications, where exposure to the elements is common, PE’s properties can help ensure the stopper’s long-lasting performance.

The specific dimensions or size of this window stopper are not provided in the information. The dimensions may vary depending on the specific requirements of the windows in which it is to be used.

In summary, the Black Window Stopper, made from Polyethylene, is a practical and versatile component suitable for use in window applications. Its neutral black color and durable material properties make it a dependable choice for windows, whether for functional purposes such as securing or adjusting windows or for enhancing the aesthetics of window design. The specific dimensions of the stopper would be determined based on the window’s requirements.