390 – Square Flat-Shape End Tube Insert with Fins, for 100 x 100 mm Dimension Tube

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PE – Polyethylene


Για Σωλήνα Διαστάσεων 100 x 100 mm με Πτερύγια

The 390 – Square Flat-Shape End Tube Insert with Fins is a specialized product designed for a 100 x 100 mm dimension tube.

  1. Shape: The tube insert is square in shape, perfectly matching the dimensions of a 100 x 100 mm tube. It is designed to fit securely into the end of the tube.
  2. Flat-Shape End: The end of the tube insert is flat, ensuring a flush and seamless connection with the tube. This design provides stability and a clean aesthetic appearance.
  3. Fins: The tube insert is equipped with fins, which are small, protruding structures on the outer surface of the insert. These fins serve multiple purposes:

    a. Heat Dissipation: The fins help in dissipating heat from the tube, enhancing its thermal efficiency. By increasing the surface area, they facilitate better heat transfer to the surrounding environment.

    b. Structural Support: The fins provide additional structural support to the tube, increasing its strength and stability. They help prevent deformation or collapse under certain loads.

  4. Material: The tube insert is typically made from a durable and heat-resistant material such as metal or high-quality plastic. The specific material may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended application.
  5. Easy Installation: The tube insert is designed for easy installation. It can be inserted into the end of the tube manually or using appropriate tools. The fins should align with the tube’s outer surface to ensure proper functionality.
  6. Application: This tube insert with fins is commonly used in various industries, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), automotive, furniture, and construction. It can be utilized in applications where heat dissipation, structural support, and aesthetic appeal are important factors.

When selecting a tube insert, it’s essential to ensure that it matches the exact dimensions and specifications of your tube for a proper fit and optimal performance.

Made in Greece

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High Quality

Our Plastic End Caps, Plastic End Tube Externals, Plastic Plugs and other Plastic Products are designed to be tough and last in all kinds of weather and busy areas.

Main Use

  • In all constructions that include tubes with dimensions of 100 x 100 mm and need to close their holes.
  • Ιn any other construction that is necessary to close any hole.


  • Drying Racks
  • Sunbeds
  • Fences
  • Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Beds
  • Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Office Legs
  • Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Chairs
  • Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Furniture
  • Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Garden Furniture

Protection of the floors

Our Plastic End Caps, Plastic End Tube Inserts, Plastic Plugs and other Plastic Products provide an Anti-Slip Protective Feet for Chair Legs, Table Feet, Futnirure, Garden Furniture, Bench Legs, Bar Stools and other.