Caster No 2 – Medium with Kanelaz Pin



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Caster No 2 Medium with Kanelaz Pin is a highly versatile caster option that can be utilized in different settings. It features an ergonomic design that allows for smooth and quiet movement on various surfaces, making it ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications. The caster has been built to withstand heavy loads, making it a reliable choice for moving equipment, machinery, and other heavy items.

The caster’s unique Kanelaz Pin feature is one of its standout qualities. This pin adds stability and strength to the caster while also preventing any accidental disconnection from the equipment it’s attached to. The Kanelaz Pin also ensures easy installation without the need for any additional tools or hardware. It provides a secure connection between the caster and the object being moved, reducing any risks of damage or injury caused by unwanted detachment during transport.