Caster No 1 – Small with Kanelaz Pin



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PP – Polypropylene


Τροχός Νο 1

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Pin 3/8 – Small

Caster No 1 is a small but essential component that can make all the difference when it comes to moving heavy objects. This caster is designed with durability in mind and can support weights of up to several hundred pounds. Moreover, its compact size allows it to be used in tight spaces where larger casters simply wouldn’t fit.

One unique feature of Caster No 1 is the Kanelaz Pin for stand, which ensures stability and prevents wobbling during movement. The pin fits securely into the caster’s base and provides added support for heavier loads. With this technology, users can rest assured that their furniture or equipment will remain stable during transport, thus avoiding potential damage.

Whether you’re a professional mover or just need a reliable way to move heavy items around your home or office, Caster No 1 with Kanelaz Pin is an excellent option to consider.