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PP – Polypropylene


Νο 24

Plastic Wheel No. 24, featuring a sleek Black color and constructed from PP (Polypropylene) material, is a dependable and functional choice for a variety of applications. Let’s explore the key features of this wheel.

The Black color of Wheel No. 24 provides a classic and versatile aesthetic that can easily blend with a wide range of equipment, furniture, and industrial applications. Its neutral design ensures it can seamlessly integrate into various settings, offering a timeless look.

Made from Polypropylene, this wheel is known for its durability and resistance to chemicals, making it suitable for applications where exposure to different substances is a concern. Whether you need wheels for furniture, carts, or industrial equipment, the Polypropylene construction of Wheel No. 24 ensures reliability and long-lasting performance.

The specific dimensions marked as “No 24” may vary based on manufacturer specifications, but this wheel can typically be customized to meet your specific requirements. This flexibility allows for a tailored solution to suit your mobility needs effectively.

In summary, Plastic Wheel No. 24, with its Black color and Polypropylene construction, offers a reliable and versatile choice for various applications. Its robust and chemical-resistant material makes it suitable for both indoor and potentially outdoor use. With the option to customize the dimensions, this wheel can be a valuable addition to your equipment and projects, enhancing their mobility and functionality while maintaining a timeless aesthetic.