Plastic Spacer Washer 30 mm



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PP – Polypropylene


30 mm

The 30 mm Plastic Washer, designed in a sleek Black color and crafted from PP (Polypropylene) material, serves as a practical and versatile component for various applications. Let’s explore its key features:

Color and Aesthetic: The Black color of this Plastic Washer offers a timeless and neutral appearance. This color choice makes it suitable for applications where you want a clean and unobtrusive look that can easily blend in with a variety of equipment and settings.

Material and Durability: Constructed from Polypropylene (PP), the washer benefits from the material’s durability and resistance to chemicals. This durability makes it suitable for various applications, including those that might involve exposure to different substances.

Dimensions: The washer is precisely 30 mm in diameter, which is a standard and common size for washers. This specific dimension allows it to be used in various applications where 30 mm washers are required.

In summary, the 30 mm Plastic Washer in Black, made from Polypropylene, is a practical and versatile choice for a range of applications. Its durable and chemical-resistant material ensures it can be used in different settings, while its neutral black color makes it a versatile addition to various equipment and projects where washers are needed for structural or fastening purposes.