Half-Moon Plastic Washer



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PE – Polyethylene

The Half-Moon Plastic Washer, is also known as Luna Washers, Luna Washers, or Crescent Washers. It’s clear that these washers have a specific and well-recognized use in the Furniture and Timber industry.

The fact that they are commonly used in these industries suggests that they are valued for their ability to provide strong and secure assembly methods. The availability of both threaded and unthreaded washers/nuts in this style adds versatility and flexibility, allowing them to be used in various applications within these industries.

Their distinct shape and design make them suitable for specific purposes, such as ensuring proper alignment and stability in furniture and timber-related applications. These washers are likely to contribute to the overall structural integrity and reliability of assemblies, which is crucial in these industries.

Overall, the information provided highlights the importance and versatility of Half-Moon Plastic Washers, making them a valuable component in the Furniture and Timber industry.

The Half-Moon Plastic Washer, designed in a Black color and constructed from PE (Polyethylene) material, is a specific and functional component that finds use in various applications. Here are the key characteristics of this washer:

Color and Aesthetic: The black color of the Half-Moon Plastic Washer provides a practical and neutral appearance. This color choice is often preferred when you want a washer that integrates seamlessly with the overall design of equipment, structures, or assemblies.

Material and Durability: Polyethylene (PE) is a suitable material for washers, offering good resistance to moisture and temperature variations. In applications where exposure to water, temperature fluctuations, or environmental conditions is common, the properties of PE can help ensure the washer’s long-lasting performance.

The specific dimensions or size of this half-moon washer are not provided in the information. The dimensions may vary depending on the specific requirements of the application in which it is to be used.

In summary, the Black Half-Moon Plastic Washer, made from Polyethylene, is a practical and versatile component suitable for a range of applications. Its neutral black color, along with its durable material properties, makes it a dependable choice for equipment, structures, or assemblies where half-moon washers are used for purposes such as spacing, support, or load distribution. The specific dimensions of the washer would be determined based on the application’s requirements.