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PE – Polyethylene

The Black Plastic Radiator Washer, made from PE (Polyethylene) material, is a functional and reliable component typically used in radiator systems. Here are some key characteristics of this component:

Color and Application: The black color of the Plastic Radiator Washer is a practical choice for radiator systems where a neutral and inconspicuous appearance is often preferred. It helps ensure the washer blends in with the overall aesthetics of the radiator and related components.

Material and Functionality: Polyethylene (PE) is a suitable material for this application, as it provides good resistance to moisture and temperature variations. In radiator systems, where exposure to water and heat is common, PE’s properties can help ensure the washer’s durability and functionality.

Please note that the specific dimensions and size of this washer are not provided in the information. The washer’s size would typically depend on the specific requirements of the radiator system in which it is to be used.

In summary, the Black Plastic Radiator Washer, constructed from Polyethylene, is a practical and reliable component for radiator systems. Its color and material properties make it well-suited for this application, where it may be exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The exact dimensions of the washer would need to be determined based on the radiator system’s requirements.